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LESSON 3: “The Good Character of the Messenger”

LESSON 3: “The Good Character of the Messenger”

1)      “It is nothing but Revelation that is revealed.” (53:4):

53:2-4 states that the companion (the Messenger) is not deceived, makes no mistake nor speaks of his own desire.

To say this refers to everything that Prophet Muhammad as a person says would contradict the fallibility of the human he was.

Prophet Muhammad was fallibly human, like us (, 17:93, 18:110, 33:37, 66:1, 80:1-10).

Messengers were repeatedly warned to stay upright (e.g. 6:150). If they were infallible, this would never be necessary.

Prophet Muhammad was capable of sinning (4:79).

Messengers did not know what would become of themselves (46:9), thus Muslims have no right to consider them infallible.

53:4 is comparable to 97:1. The “it” in 53:4 is the same as the “it” in 97:1 (referring to the Qur’an).

Therefore 53:2-4 refers to the attributes of the Revelation being recited (i.e. it is true, it guides correctly and it comes from Allah).

2)      The “good example” of the Messenger:

33:18-20 describes the poor behaviour of hypocrites in a situation of conflict.

33:21 says a good example was set by the Messenger for those who hope in Allah and remember Him much.

33:22 describes the behaviour of true believers in the same situation.

33:23 contrasts Muslim behaviour to that of the hypocrites.

Therefore 33:21 refers to the good example of the Messenger in displaying courage and trust in Allah.

Demonstrating a good example for those who do a particular thing means setting a good example in doing that thing.

Precisely the same expression is used for Prophet Ibrahim (60:6) in another contextual situation (60:4-6).

60:6 does not mean we need ahadith of Prophet Ibrahim, thus 33:21 does not mean we need ahadith of Prophet Muhammad.

The “good example” comes from conduct conforming to the ideals detailed by the Qur’an.

For instance: Prophet Ibrahim’s behaviour (9:114, 11:69, 11:75, -48).

3)      The “sublime morality” of the Messenger:

68:4 declares that the Messenger conforms himself to sublime morality. 68:2 and 68:7 clarify that this means following the Qur’an.

If a person adheres to the Qur’an sincerely, Allah will guide him or her with it so that they too become upright (17:9, 34:6).

Only Allah can guide people from darkness to light (33:43, 39:23, 72:21).

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